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I feel all warm inside. 

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Bárðarbunga, Iceland by Zach Tyler on Flickr.

September 2014


"Hey bro, you got the time?" "Yeah, it’s … hang on.  Just a sec.  God fucking damnit. " 


"Hey bro, you got the time?" 

"Yeah, it’s … hang on.  Just a sec.  God fucking damnit. " 

audrey hepburn and cary grant in charade

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#ThisDayInHistory 1979 - The first ever showing of a trailer featuring live action from The Empire Strikes Back is screened at the San Diego Comic-Con. Not to be outdone, Disney premieres its trailer for The Black Hole in the same room the following hour.

I’m surprised to see you here, Rory, given what happened. You were left on the mountainside. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m here. Things weren’t looking too good last time I saw myself. (x)

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Julia Noni Captures Kenya’s Elite Runners in Nairobi For Nike.

Ready on view at the solo exhibition “Run The Way You Were Meant To” in China at Nike’s new X158 concept store in Shanghai.

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic

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